Achieve your goals With The Personal Support Of Your Own Martial Arts Instructor - whether that's self defense with confidence, fitness with motivation, or martial arts mastery - Private Sessions are a great choice for you!  

Start Building Your Skills Today & Get 50% Off A Private Session - Only $30

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Enjoy achieving your goals quickly with the personal attention & support of your own martial arts instructor


Discover Self Defense that goes beyond technique to give you true confidence in your ability to defend yourself & your loved ones


Stay Motivated to boost your fitness with training that engages your brain as well as your body


Master the full range of martial arts skills in less than two hours each week - focus on the areas that mean the most to you

I started training with Crazy Monkey and CMD Trainer Tim Jones six months ago as an alternative to the gym (I hate gyms). In those six months, not only have I become a lot fitter and stronger but I’ve also learnt a useful, confidence building martial art that is completely ego free. The way Tim approaches teaching and training is a huge draw card - he’s a friendly, good natured guy who just wants to help you achieve your goals, not prove how tough he is.
— Michael, Project Manager


Gain all the benefits of a modern martial arts and self defense system with the flexibility and personal attention of your own dedicated Private Sessions.  Pick the session times that go best with your lifestyle, train at the pace that's right for you, and avoid the distractions of a group class.  Achieve your goals and enjoy learning martial arts that builds on your personal strengths.  Stay motivated and look forward to sessions that engage your brain as well as your body.

Whether your goals are focused on developing confidence in self defense, building your fitness, or mastering martial arts, your instructor will tailor your sessions to let you succeed in your goals quickly and enjoyably.  Your sessions can draw from both Crazy Monkey Defense (kickboxing and self defense) and Monkey Jits - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (grappling and movement), and you can choose your session times to fit with your schedule.  Enjoy achieving your goal and mastering martial arts in less than 2hrs a week with the personal attention and support of your own martial arts instructor. 

The Private Sessions are fantastic! They fit around my busy work and social life, and are a great, practical way to learn a martial art that can be tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.
— Craig, Accounts Manager


Enjoy discovering a complete martial art tailored to your goals.

Train at the time and pace that's right for you.

Build your skills in a friendly, supportive environment.

One-to-one sessions for personal attention and support.

Stay motivated with sessions that engage your brain & body.  


Start Building Your Skills Today & Get 50% Off A Private Session - Only $30

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