We often dream about the easy life.  We see ourselves free of commitments and sitting around enjoying our leisure time (often sitting in the sun with a clear-blue sky).  When this comes to work, we sometimes long for an easy job that doesn't require too much mental or physical effort.

Yet when we are put into those situations - when we get to know our job backwards for example - we rarely find it all that pleasurable in the long-term.  Why?  Because we get bored!  The job you can do standing on your head becomes routine and uninteresting.  What started as a cool long-term holiday becomes you surfing the internet and trying to sort out something to do with your time.

The truth is we enjoy challenge.  We are hard-wired to seek out opportunities to grow and develop.  If you think of the activities and past-times you enjoy, in almost every case you will find some degree of mental and/ or physical challenge.

The key then is to appreciate the challenge and enjoy the journey.