The idea of controlling an opponent and surviving when wrestling on the ground has made a massive resurgence over the past two decades – largely due to the success of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (trained through the Monkey Jits BJJ program for us) in mixed martial arts events. While you may not want to be on the ground in a genuine self defense situation, the range may be forced upon you by a determined opponent or simply through chance.

Here are five tips for focusing your training when looking at the ground phase:

Transitions – seek to understand the links between positions and submissions rather than focusing entirely on discrete techniques.

Resistance – use progressive resistance in your training to build the ability to apply moves under pressure but...

Go with the Flow – avoid directly fighting strength with strength. Understand the benefits of using your opponents energy against them.

Rounded – when you start training you may spend most of your time on your back; later your front, but it is vital to train both regardless of your experience.

Have Fun – you only need so much experience to be effective on the ground in self defense. Progression past this point should be based on your enjoyment of the game.