One of the many areas in which Crazy Monkey Defense excels is its tight focus on effective defense. We start building this defensive foundation right from the start and by the time you've reached the end of the E-CORE Module, you've got a solid foundation on which to incorporate the CM2 & CM3 skills and techniques we cover in the J-CORE and the S-CORE Modules, respectively.

Having said that, there are always times when it's worth coming back to your foundation to see if anything needs tightening up.  This is particularly true when you spar, as areas which may be super-smooth in drills can easily loosen-up in a sparring environment.  Here then are the top five areas to look at when you're seeking to improve your defensive foundation. If you're having problems with your defense in sparring, take them in order and you'll be on the road to success in no time.

Stance – Ensure you remain locked-down in a solid Hunchback Stance throughout your defensive motion. (And for the round in general, for that matter.)

CM1 Hand Defense – Make sure your CM Hand Defense is consistent. The most common areas to check are that you are consistently moving your hands in small motions in-between defense and attack, and that you are moving your hands far enough along your head to deflect the strikes rather than block them.

Circling – Maintaining the former two points, ensure you are circling back to Rim-Shot Range. Look out for your opponent following you with a combo – you need to continualy disengage as your opponent re-engages.

Spot – Maintain your focus on the top of your opponent's sternum. Make sure you keep this focus throughout the defensive motion - especially when circling - to pick up on any incoming attacks.

Rim-Shot Range – Attempting to stay too close to your opponent when defending will result in shots slipping through at some point, as well as the possibility of your stance and balance being compromised.  Ensure you are constantly surfing the Rim-Shot Range.