At the heart of our martial arts abilities is our stance. It's the first 'technique' everyone learns when they begin training and the platform from which all other techniques and concepts will be delivered.  Within the Crazy Monkey Defense program, we utilize the "Hunchback Stance" as the most efficient way to deliver powerful offensive techniques and to defend ourselves against an aggressive opponent.

Given the importance of the Hunchback Stance to our overall performance, it is vital we are dedicated to constantly improving our consistency at holding and maintaining it throughout every drill and round. Initially, this will take the form of building consistency holding the stance against your own bodies resistance – that is, increasing your awareness of keeping the stance despite being in motion or under pressure. Later, however, we need to ensure we can maintain our Hunchback Stance when our opponent is directly seeking to disrupt it – in the clinch, for example.

In our quest for a truly locked-down stance, it is no exaggeration of its importance to say that each of us is trying to develop the greatest Hunchback Stance in the world – greatest not in terms of any technical difference but in terms of our ability to consistently hold it regardless of the pressure placed upon us.

Here are 5 Tips for an awesome hunchback stance:

Lower Body – Your heel is up, your knees are bent, your feet are shoulder-width apart, and your hips are square to the opponent.

Torso – Your core is locked into your hips, your hips and shoulders move as one, your shoulders are rolled up, and your spine is upright.

Head – Your neck is turtled into your shoulders, your chin is down, your head remains forward-facing regardless of the techniques you execute, and you maintain a connection between your hands and head.

Locked-Down with Flow – Your stance is solid regardless of the demands placed upon it by both you and your opponent, whilst still allowing for fluid footwork and movement.

Balance – You maintain a high degree of balance throughout your techniques and movement, feeling the appropriate weight distribution throughout.