As you will know from your training, progress in Crazy Monkey is as much about the mental as it is the physical. Many people can gain the physical skills and techniques they need, but without an effective mental game they find it hard to execute them under pressure.

While martial arts in general has been slow to catch on, many sports and activities have been using mental techniques to improve their performance for decades. This experience and research has built-up into the distinct field of Sports Psychology and it is from this that we draw and modify our approach (the mental skills needed for competition are somewhat different to those needed for self defense).

I could rattle on about this for hours – as you know ;) - but here are five areas that are of vital importance to developing a strong mental game:

Focus – stick to one or two goals each round to avoid distracting yourself. K.I.S.S.

Positives – always frame your goals in a positive way rather than focusing on what not to do.

Expectations – have goals but be prepared to adapt to events & experiences as they occur.

Breath – use your breathing to centre yourself whenever you become distracted or suffer a set-back.

Intent – understand the different directives that are required at different ranges and to play different games.