There have been over fifty 5 Tips articles now - some posted publically and some sent directly to clients - and, looking back, it is interesting to see how many themes recur as important factors in various areas of our games.  Themes like Structure and Balance are not surprising when you consider that they are both part of The 4 Drivers (if you've not heard of these yet, ask me at your next session), but one that really jumped out as being important to a whole range of areas was Focus.


When it comes to looking at Focus, there are two main areas that need addressing. Firstly, Focus On The Present seeks ways to keep our attention on the moment and avoid distractions whilst performing (e.g. in sparring). The second area, Focus On The Future, provides overall direction to our training; giving us a direction to our martial arts journey and providing clear markers to aim for. Both these areas are of great importance if you want to succeed at any endeavour.

Here are 5 Tips for your Focus:

  1. Present – Look for specific points of focus that keep you centred in the moment.
  2. Performance Cues – Develop a couple of clear cues that can keep you focused on the present.
  3. Future – Choose clear, achievable and structured goals to keep you on track.
  4. Sign-posts – Have a series of sub-goals that can keep you on track and demonstrate you are succeeding.
  5. Rewards – recognise your achievements in focusing both on the present and future perspectives.
Click on the image for a free intro session :)

Click on the image for a free intro session :)