The idea of maximising your Balance to increase your performance is THE granddaddy of all performance fundamentals.  Right from day one, we have been actively promoting your balance both within your structure and your movement.

No matter how far along the road of your martial arts journey you are, there is always time to spend some time increasing both your sense of balance and your ability to maintain it throughout a variety of pressures and environments. There is no move or technique that Balance does not touch upon, and often a tiny shift in Balance is all we need to dramatically improve our execution and results.

The following tips look at Balance primarily from a perspective of structure and movement, but there is nothing stopping you applying these ideas to any area of the CM Game. Give yourself the next week to play with the concept of Balance in everything you do and you'll notice the jump in performance.

And now, 5 Tips for Balance:

Grounded – Sink your weight whilst maintaining mobility to improve balance-in-movement and technique execution.

Spacing – Make sure your feet are always at least shoulder-width apart throughout ALL aspects of your movement and techniques.

Head – Understand that the more you move your head towards your feet, the more you limit your balance-in-movement.  Look for efficiency in all defensive head movements.

Glide – Avoid footwork that involves bounce. Keep your centre-of-mass on a level.

Intuition – You must develop an intuitive sense of balance that allows you to maintain and return to a high level of balance when under pressure without the need for conscious analysis.