After the Jab and the Cross, the Hook is likely to be the strike you use most often. It allows you to attack along a fresh angle with knock-out power while also pressuring your opponent to give you an opening for your next Cross.

However, for all its usefulness, the Hook is also easy to do poorly with little consequence until you come across a skilled partner. This is particularly true when we first attempt to include the Hook in our sparring game, or as part of a self defense strategy.

As those of you who train with me remember, I place a lot of importance in the correct mechanics of the Hook and, if you can follow all the technical pointers on a consistent basis, you'll be in a great position to utilise this awesome strike. This weeks 5 Tips provides a useful reminder of the main technical points of the Hook:

Elbow – the elbow should move straight to the horizontal at the beginning of the movement and stay there throughout.

Heel – your heel should be up on the same side of your body as the strike to let the ball of your foot drive.

Wrist – ensure your wrist is locked to prevent injury when not wearing gloves. Hit with the big knuckles.

Pivot – your driving leg should pivot with the punch to 45 degrees.

Compress – drop into the punch by tightening each part of your body to ensure the maximum acceleration into the target.