Want to become an expert at martial arts and self defense?  Despite all the varying styles and seeming complexities of martial arts, developing a high level of skill and knowledge doesn't have to be a mysterious process.  Nor does it require hard core training methods and hyper-competitiveness.

In truth, martial arts and self defense skills are readily accessible to the everyday guy and girl who wants enjoy this incredible journey.  Dedicating yourself to the principles below, and finding an instructor who does the same, will give you the boost to speed ahead on your martial arts journey.


With thousands of martial arts techniques available, it is easy to get drawn into the trap of going for style over substance – yes, that jumping, spinning, triple-back-flip axe kick looks awesome but is it going to be a core part of your game plan when it comes to sparring or self defense? Look for the techniques, tactics and ideas that will truly lead you to your goals.


Why learn ten different ways to defend against one attack when you could learn one way to defend against ten different attacks?  A form or pattern is a nice way to remember moves, but shadow boxing the moves would give a better approximation of how you will actually move, letting you use the time more efficiently.  Value your time and look for both techniques and training methods that will make the best use of it long-term.


Of course attending training consistently will repay your efforts big-time, but the idea of consistency can be applied to each aspect of our training.  The biggest difference between a beginner and an expert is that the expert does exactly the same moves a beginner does, they just do the details more consistently.  Looking for consistency in all you do will lead to success.


Having the ability to maintain your attention on the task at hand, as well as keep your mind clear enough to respond to sudden changes is an ability to be valued and cultivated.  Not only will your performance increase, but you will free yourself of worry and fear.


Unless you work in a profession where danger and conflict is a likely occurrence, chances are the greatest benefits of your martial arts and self defense training will appear in other areas of your life.  To dedicate yourself to the journey a martial artist must take, you must discover what challenges you enjoy and appreciate areas in which you can leverage your strengths.  In this way you can become a champion both on and off the mat.   

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