Regardless of where you are on your martial arts journey the quest is always to grow your skills and performance.  This doesn’t have to mean dedicating every spare second to it - most people have a rich and varied life, after all - but rather a commitment to gradual daily improvement and an understanding of the beauty of imperfection.

Sometimes, however, we can struggle to find the way forwards, unsure of what we need to do to take the next step up.  Here then are five areas to explore within your personal expression of the martial arts that will help you find your way off any plateaus that you encounter:

  1. Technical - here you may find a specific technique of combinations that can be tightened up or made more consistent.

  2. Conceptual - perhaps focusing on a key concept will unlock different parts of your game, removing areas of weakness and improving overall flow.

  3. Tactical - skillful performance is more than just a collection of techniques; you must be utilising them in such a way as to successfully implement your overall strategy.  You do have an overall strategy, don’t you? ;).

  4. Mental Game (Analytical/Emotional) - the biggest advances within the martial arts come from a growing union of mind and body. Knowing how to understand your emotional body, as well as how to stay focused and confident makes everything smoother.

  5. Mental Game (Mindfulness) - your ability to stay present and connected in the current moment, to be in ‘The Zone’, results in far more moments of brilliance than trying to analyse and control every moment.

Pick your area and go play!