Private Kickboxing Training In Armidale

Crazy Monkey Martial Arts is the home of Private Kickboxing and Self Defense Training in Armidale. Your Kickboxing classes are built around your personal goals – whether that involves smooth self defense skills, getting in shape, or developing the confidence and focus that training brings – with your instructor supporting you every step of the way.

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Crazy Monkey Defense

Learn the kickboxing program that is designed for the modern world while still honouring the philosophy that has made martial arts a positive force in so many people’s lives.


private training

The best way to achieve your goals. Train at a time that suits you on the areas that mean the most to you. Discover the best balance of self defense, fitness and martial arts knowledge.


meathead free

Enjoy a positive, intelligent approach to martial arts delivered in a friendly, supportive environment. Ask questions whenever you want and train at a pace that is right for you.

The Private Sessions are fantastic! They fit around my busy work and social life, and are a great, practical way to learn a martial art that can be tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.
— Craig
With renewed interest in my personal fitness, I wanted to test my strengths and ability but not with a conventional work out. With the Private Sessons I was able to work around my lifestyle and the training was adjusted to what I wanted to do. Overall it’s been brilliant! I have gained loads of confidence and mental strength, and found the sessons very enjoyable.
— Stephen
Private sessions allow me to train when I want and, with input from my Trainer, work on the skills I need. The main advantage is being able to stop whenever I need and ask questions as they arise and work on problems there and then. I would highly recommend private training as a fast approach to picking up new skills.
— Ben
I have been delighted with the results. I’m physically and visibly fitter, more self confident and get to have loads of fun every week.
— Darren
I tried a number of boxing and martial arts clubs but none of them seemed right for me until I joined here. It has provided me not only with self defence skills but with core fitness and motivation for training. It is a fun environment to train in and caters for all abilities so I have never felt under pressure, making it a great place to learn and achieve.
— Kelly
The thing that is great about the sessions is that it’s progressive and functional with a great training atmosphere.
— Gary

Why you will love training Kickboxing & Self Defense at Crazy Monkey...

personalized Training

Train at the time and pace that’s right for you with the sessions that are tailored to you and your goals. Ask questions whenever you want and adapt your sessions to match your passions and lifestyle.


Real-World Skills

Not only will you be getting a great workout, but the techniques and skills you learn all transfer seamlessly to real-world self defense. Discover what really works when it comes to defending yourself and staying safe.

No Meathead Policy

Enjoy the training system for intelligent people that want the smart approach to kickboxing training. Though Crazy Monkey Defense has helped champions of the ring succeed around the world, it is really designed for the everyday champion that wants to stay in shape, learn to defend themselves, and enjoy mastering a rewarding new skill.

Build The Skills To Defend Yourself & Your Loved Ones, Increase Your Confidence & Fitness, And Enjoy Discovering Martial Arts In A Positive, Friendly Environment. 

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